Exact Online Onboarding

Delft, Exact 2016

Revenue and churn analyses indicated an opportunity to keep more clients engaged with Exact Online during their first 6 months. Some stakeholders had opinions on how to achieve this, but there was no overarching initiative taking concrete actions to improve customers onboarding experience. I took the design leadership of the project and collaborated with multidisciplinary stakeholders to create a UX strategy and implement it in the product.

Main challenges

  • Identifying and tackling key problems and opportunities in customer onboarding experience.
  • Creating a product UX strategy tackling the main problems identified.
  • Managing a considerable group of stakeholders (around 40 colleagues).


  • Customer interviews, experience mapping, a survey, support data analysis, experience principles definition, ideation, prototyping and testing.
After releasing a minimum viable product (MVP), design performance was measured by comparing time taken before and after redesign to start leveraging product value. More specifically, time taken to start registering hours, which represents the switch from activation to long-term use of the software.

Team and collaboration
This project was developed by multiple solution teams and stakeholders, including consultants, product owners, product marketers, customer supporters, and company directors.
I led the design and execution of the cross-solution discovery research. For the top horizontal problem found, I led the design of the solutions in collaboration with a junior UI designer, product marketers and product owners.

Findings of the discovery phase of the project indicated that many users required further guidance during their onboarding process. Even users who had expert support from an Exact consultant or accountant/bookkeeper.
We redesigned the experience by renewing the setup wizard of the product, adding a getting started page, and integrating help information in context. The new experience, guided users better during their activation phase.
Time taken to complete the basic setup was reduced, and engagement with the new Getting started page was achieved.