Carina Palumbo


10 years of experience
Specialized in IT and services in the
enterprise, financial, and government sectors.


Carina has a Bachelor in Visual Design, a Masters in Science in Human-Centered Multimedia and a Professional Doctorate in UX Engineering.
She has experience in design management, leadership, teaching, and coaching. She worked in different domains as a Visual and UX Designer, in both operational and strategic roles.
She performed and published user research and design work.


She is driven by maximizing teams' performance, engagement and results when designing for new or existing experiences.
Carina is motivated by navigating the complexity of user and business needs, simplifying entangled problems, making sense of data and defining effective action points.


In her design process, she places users and customers at the center, leverages from data, and manages teams and stakeholders effectively.
This ensures moving back and forth between abstract thinking and concrete actions, between analysis and creativity, rendering high quality and on-time delivery.
In corporate environments, it activates teams and develops design capacities accross disciplines.


Carina successfully redesigned experiences of enterprise software, achieving usability increases, higher user satisfaction, and positive user feedback. Examples of this are Exact Online Product UX and Onboarding, and Sana Commerce.
Her latest program standardized the Design Thinking practice in a corporate environment. Besides creating awareness, this program significantly increased the user-centricity of team practices. More details on this program are available here.


After many years of performing as middle blocker-hitter in 1st class competition indoor volleyball, she recently started training and playing beachvolleyball. This challenges her to develop her defense and passing skills. Becoming faster and responsive, learning the defense tactics and predicting attacks is what keeps her busy in her free time.