Travessia da Luz

"Travessia da Luz: or Resgate do Pau Brasil" is a learning object about current environmental problems related to the ozone hole, global warming, deforestation, forest fires, desertification and biodiversity loss.

Users can vistually "experience" the possible consequences of their actions in the real world, through challenges, highlighting the responsibility that each of us have on the environmental issues. Furthermore, in order to contextualize the object in the Brazilian culture and reality, the Pau Brasil-tree logo country - has been used as reference in the narrative of the learning object. Thus, the educational material raises awareness about the danger of extinction and destruction of the "Atlantic", the environment they inhabit some remnants of Pau-Brasil tree.


  • Conceptual design: Carina Palumbo and Santiago Gaitan Sabogal
  • Pedagogic and scientific support: Roberto Cassol, Maria Eunice Mussoi and Angélica Cirolini
  • Information architecture: Carina Palumbo and Santiago Gaitan Sabogal
  • Programming and animation: Ana Carina Palumbo and Marcus Vinicius Severo de Moura
  • Illustrations: Carlos Medina, Andres Díaz and Marcos Lima Silveira
  • Visual design: Carina Palumbo