Online FICH

FICH, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina - 2010/2011

As the visual designer of the Institutional Communication Office and the Distance Education Department of FICH-UNL, I was part of a team of programmers and engineers in charge of the development of all the online services of the Faculty.

Info-FICH, e-FICH and FICH website

Working in this project was a challenge from different perspectives. The complexity of balancing the consistency and own identity of each of the 3 subsystems was hard. As well as dealing with large amounts of information that needed to be easily browsed by different types of users.

Team: Ana Bacolla, Ivan Melgrati, Carina Palumbo, Brisa Basconcel and Gustavo Sánchez.

My tasks: I was in charge of the visual design of the user interfaces of the three systems. I also developed a style guide including the interface elements and a description of their use in the different systems.


The e-Portfolio is a collaborative platform for teachers and tutors that carry out distance education activities at the FICH-UNL. The aim of this portfolio is to collaborate on the strengthening of teachers and tutors pedagogical and hypermedia competences, giving them access to theoretical, methodological and practical tools for the development of virtual classrooms, educational materials and educational practices.

Team: Carlos Giorgetti, Carina Palumbo, Leonardo Manucci, Leopoldo Bertinetti and other members of the Distance Education Department.

My tasks: I came up with the idea of creating such a platform, after observing the difficulties that distance education teachers had to face when preparing their online courses. I worked on the proposal, its development and implementation plan.