Risk management projects

FICH, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina - 2009/2011

As part of the implementation team of an agreement on assistance and Cooperation between Santa Fe local government and the UNL, I was involved for two years in the design and implementation of educational and promotional materials to contribute in vulnerability reduction to flood hazard. During this period I conceptually designed a wide range of materials together with a team. This implied attending meetings and talking to different actors involved such as politicians, civil servants, teachers, and engineers. I gathered information needs and translated them into requirements to guide the design and contents of the materials. I was in charge as well of their visual design and final implementation.


FICH, UNL and Santa Fe City Hall. Argentina, 2011.

Educational multimedia about risks and disasters to be used in Santasinian schools.

Team: Silvia Wolansky, Carina Palumbo, Leonardo Manucci, Leopoldo Bertinetti, Verónica Viduzzi y Soledad Vera.

My tasks: As I was working very close to high school teachers, I identified their need to have access to educational materials organized in a way that enables them to easily find what they needed. I therefore focused on the conceptual design of Riesgoteca and the interaction, interface and visual design. I developed the mock-ups, images and screen-shots that guided the developers in the implementation. I also worked on gathering the materials and contents and the database building.

Manual of activities: Santa Fe y las Inundaciones

FICH, CISP, CANOA, Santa Fe City Hall - 2009

The book was designed as a result of a set of worskshops on which high school teachers proposed different educational games and activities to address floods and disasters with the students.

Team: Silvia Wolansky, Carina Palumbo, Annie Roth and Ana Bacolla.

My tasks: During the workshops I coordinated groups of teachers. I instructed and guided them to facilitate the creation of educational games and activites. I processed all the raw information gathered from the workshops and and organized it in a way that it could be useful for other teachers that would make use of the manual. I was in charge of the visual design and the infographics of the manual.