Pin them all

USI, TU/E, Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 2012

The amount of information that we need to process when organizing a trip is large. This type of planning tasks usually demand a considerable amount of time and cognitive effort. And the complexity increase even more when the trip is shared with other people.

"Pin them all" aims to make the social planning trip task easier and more pleasant for users, by providing the right amount of relevant information at the right moment. The system gathers information now spread all over the web and enables users to navigate and visualize it in a usable and convenient way.

The information is categorized and provided by means of filters in a clear and structured visual overview on a portable map. It also supports social feeds and planning along with individual planning. The application learns from user’s behavior and online data. The portability provides convenient and comfortable access to the map at any time and place; before, during and after the trip.

The project was developed at a conceptual level, integrating interaction and interface design decisions. The system was not implemented, although technical implications and feasibility were of course considered for the design.

During a second iteration of the project, we tested different interaction modalities including the use of mobile phones and tablets as second screens together with the map.

Team: Carina Palumbo, Barbara Wajda, Fereshteh Khodabakhshi, Monica Perusquía Hernández, Carmen van der Zwaluw and Rian de Jong.